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Matrix Global Speciality Pvt Ltd, is the newest addition to the publicly listed group of companies with a market capitalization of nearly USD 2 billion and revenue in excess of USD 100 million per year.

Our expertise in Catalysis / Alumina support business is established since the last 2 decades. We are now setting up a green field project in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, as part of our expansion for speciality chemicals / alumna for use in Chemical Process Industry.The plant is setup with focus on core values of taking people, safety and environment along to build our systems – products and profits. This is enabled by making the plant fully automated. This provides us opportunities to bring consistency by reducing human errors, improve safety and ensuring the resources are conserved and not wasted. Our automation is the base for ensuring robust chemical processes making the “complex” achievable, consistently. We also recognize that automation will help our teams focus on essential skills while taking away the load of manual / repeat mistakes, saving time and strengthening our system and processes. Automation, as we focus on processes, will make them data-driven helping make informed process decisions and actions that again help in conserving resources while achieving consistency for the product output.

Being responsible for the environment and our stakeholders, we have introduced the advanced technologies and equipment to improve the efficiency of our waste water systems. Apart from this we also adhere to the laid pollution control norms with reference to air, noise and solid waste. The best fit solutions for pollution control and waste management are implemented throughout our process. This also forms a focus of all our R and D experiments before a new product is launched.

Being market savvy, we wish to bring in our company DNA : innovative and customized business solutions, competitive pricing, cost savings for our customers and being customer focused too along with a excellent system and safety record.

Our Vision

To be a recognised global speciality chemical company supplying wide range of catalyst intermediates, abrasive raw materials and adsorbents through inhouse developed processes, with highest quality and world class standards

Our Mission

To add value in/to the speciality chemicals portfolio by developing processes and products with the strong focus on customer centricity enabling them produce products of highest quality, as also our employees, the environment, community and our stakeholders

Core Values

The foundations of our company lie in innovation and collaboration. From the product to the process, offering customized solutions to customers, our focus is on finding and implementing innovative ways to progress with focus on customer centricity, creating shared values and making a positive difference together.

Our passion is not just about growth, but growth with excellence. Excellence in all we do for our employees and customers lead us ahead in our growth journey. This also encompasses our focus on team work, quality products and customer relationships.

Building lasting relationships with our employees, customers and stakeholders is our path for a long journey together, building trust with ethics and responsibility by setting high expectations for ourselves to achieve same.

The safety of our employees is of utmost value to us helping us aim for an accident free, incident-free workplace. It is also reflected in our operational processes and products extending to customers and our neighbourhood as well

Our products and processes including our end waste treatment reflect the worth of our views on care for our employees, customers, our neighbourhood and the environment to which we are committed in our day to day working systems.

Company Directors

Team - Ashok Sikchi

Ashok Sikchi

Bachelor of Science, with nearly five decades of experience in the Chemical industry

Team - Siddharth Sikchi

Siddharth Sikchi

Master of Science (University of Manitoba, Canada), with sixteen years of experience in the chemical industry

Team - Kunal Sikchi

Kunal Sikchi

Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), with fourteen years of experience in nutraceutical and chemical industry

Technical Services

At Matrix Global Speciality, we understand the need for customer service and collaborative developments

Why Choose Us:

  • One stop shop for all your PSB needs
  • Open to customised product development and partnership with customers
  • We care for the environment just as you do

Manufacturing Facilities

Matrix Global Speciality has dedicated plant for PSBs with inhouse design of the facility by a team of competent project professionals. The fully automated facility ensures minimum direct human interface with the product ensuring safe and quality focused product output. With system implementation and automation, due care is taken to get the right product based on customer specifications.

Quality Control

We have on-site Quality Control laboratory at the manufacturing facility. This helps us establish in-process testing and controls to meet the demands of customers and their product specifications. The team at the laboratory are qualified with analytical experience ranging from five to fifteen years in the various grades of Pseudobohemite alumina. The test methods collaborate to international ISTM methods. Apart from conventional testing facilities, our QC lab. is equipped with modern instruments like :

  • Malvern Particle Size Analyser
  • Anton Par Surface Area Pore Volume Analyser
  • Anton Par Bulk Density Apparatus

Research and Development

The key mission of our R and D department is to create value for the company product portfolio. Focus on improvements in existing products is continuous and in line with customer requirements. The team also focuses on increasing process efficiencies from start to end with focus on environmental care and quality and cost effectiveness for customers. The R and D department is also focused on new product development with quality and cost competitiveness for the global market. Our pilot plant supports experiments to scaleup for plant scale preparations. Apart from this, application studies form an integral part of the R and D centre. Our team at the Research and Development centre is technically qualified with rich experience in heterogeneous catalysis – synthesis and application. We are also open to collaborations for using specialized services of existing companies on manufacturing basis for customer specific requirements of shaped alumina and other requirements.

Technical Support

With our strength in R and D, we work closely with our customers in technical understanding of our product application. We also offer our expertise for co-development to match the current and new product requirements of customers. This also forms the base of our marketing services in a partnership form with customers as needed. We welcome customer visits and are open to meetings for product requirement discussions globally.

Contact Us

Matrix Global Speciality is a global company based in India with sales offices in United States, Brazil, and Europe.

+91 9158840333

D-8/1, Paithan MIDC, Aurangabad 431148 Maharashtra, India.