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Matrix Global Speciality Pvt Ltd, is the newest addition to the publicly listed group of companies with a market capitalization of nearly USD 2 billion and revenue in excess of USD 100 million per year. Our expertise in Catalysis / Alumina support business is established since the last 2 decades.

We are now setting up a green field project in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, as part of our expansion for speciality chemicals / alumna for use in Chemical Process Industry. Read More The plant is setup with focus on core values of taking people, safety and environment along to build our systems – products and profits. This is enabled by making the plant fully automated. This provides us opportunities to bring consistency by reducing human errors, improve safety and ensuring the resources are conserved and not wasted. Our automation is the base for ensuring robust chemical processes making the “complex” achievable, consistently. We also recognize that automation will help our teams focus on essential skills while taking away the load of manual / repeat mistakes, saving time and strengthening our system and processes. Automation, as we focus on processes, will make them data-driven helping make informed process decisions and actions that again help in conserving resources while achieving consistency for the product output.

Being responsible for the environment and our stakeholders, we have introduced the advanced technologies and equipment to improve the efficiency of our waste water systems. Apart from this we also adhere to the laid pollution control norms with reference to air, noise and solid waste. The best fit solutions for pollution control and waste management are implemented throughout our process. This also forms a focus of all our R and D experiments before a new product is launched. Being market savvy, we wish to bring in our company DNA : innovative and customized business solutions, competitive pricing, cost savings for our customers and being customer focused too along with a excellent system and safety record.

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Pseudoboehmite is a special alumina powder with features of high crystallinity, excellent gelling capability and strong peptization. It is used in the production of Hydrogenation Catalysts. It is also the raw material for production of catalyst carriers, activated alumina and other aluminium salts. Pseudo-boehmite powder is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, high purity in crystalline phase, strong in caking property. Carriers are the breath of life to the catalysts. The appearance, components, and properties of carriers have significant influence the performance of catalysts. Pseudo-boehmite is white powder with high purity, low pile, large pore volume, high specific surface and good compatibility. It can be easily decentralized and soluble in the acid and alkali solution. It can become highly active alumina after low-temperature roasting and dehydration. Mainly used as raw materials for the production of catalyst carrier, activated alumina, also as molecular sieve, and as cement for aluminum silicate refractory fibre.

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Matrix Global Speciality is a global company based in India with sales offices in United States, Brazil, and Europe.

+91 9158840333

D-8/1, Paithan MIDC, Aurangabad 431148 Maharashtra, India.