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Product- Hydro-desulphurization Catalyst (HDS)

Hydro-desulphurization Catalyst (HDS)

Shape Size etc. of the final catalyst: Extrudates, spheres and Trilobes

Suitable Grade: Non Dispersible or partially dispersible alumina; PSB -03; DiCat (BG)

Hydrodesulphurization (HDS) is a catalytic chemical process widely used to remove sulphur from natural gas and from refined petroleum products, such as gasoline or petrol, jet fuel, kerosene, diesel fuel, and fuel oil. The catalyst converts organic Sulphur compounds in to H2S which is then removed by amine absorption of Sulphur guards using ZnO adsorbents.

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Specifications for various grades of Hydro-desulphurization Catalyst (HDS)


Pseudoboehmite Alumina Dispersible Alumina
Al2O3 % 65-73 65-75
Loss on Ignition % 25-33 25-30
Na2O Content PPM < 500 <500
Sulphate Content % < 0.50 <0.5
Bulk Density Gm/CC 0.40 - 0.60 0.40-0.60
Surface Area m2/g > 250 >250 
N2 Pore Volume cc/g 0.70 - 0.90 0.55- 0.75
Particle Size, d50 um 15-30  10-20
 Iron Content % <0.05 >95
Dispersibility Index % 0 <0.05

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