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Pseudoboehmite Alumina

Pseudoboehmite is a special alumina powder with features of high crystallinity, excellent gelling capability and strong peptization. It is also the raw material for activated alumina and other aluminium salts.  Pseudoboehmite is a white powder with high purity, low pile, large pore volume, high specific surface area and good compatibility. It can be easily decentralised and soluble in acid and alkali solution. It can become highly active alumina after low temperature roasting and dehydration. Pseudoboehmite Alumina finds applications in hydro-sulpherization, hydrotreating, FCC catalysts, abrasives, binders, coatings and polishing applications....

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Dispersible Alumina

Dispersible Pseudobohemite Alumina powders are nano sized in the dispersed phase. This helps achieve a unique combination of purity, consistency and dispersibility in various applications. These powders find application in catalysts as binders for Hydro-sulpherization, hydrotreating and FCC phases. They also add value to the applications of abrasives for various industrial use, surface coating and polishing. ...

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Promoted Alumina

As a precursor to various industrial application processes, Alumina loaded on different neutral synthetic chemicals promote one-step synthesis of the process. This helps reducing process time, giving a reliable bonding for the chain reactions and end properties. Silica, Lanthanum, Cerium in Promoted Alumina are the various coatings available on our Aluminas....

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Alumina in various shapes enhance the reaction properties and characteristics. Based on application and the reaction process, especially with catalysts, the shape of the alumina plays a major role in reaction speed, stability, consistency and such factors. We offer our alumina extrudates as per customer demand - trilobes, spheres etc....

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Matrix Pseudobohemite Alumina are available for various applications. The form generally is powder, however, applications and customer demand based promoted and extrudates/shaped alumina are also catered by us. We are open to product customization as per customer specifications and requirements also.

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